Your application

Take time to read the criteria against which your completed application will be judged. Your application needs to be clear, and help us to understand how it addresses these criteria.

You can read the criteria we will use to assess your application. Our application guidance gives you more information about how to apply, and about the best way to answer our questions.

Application Guide

How the form works

For our application form, we use an online programme called ‘SurveyMonkey Apply’.

There, you register your contact details including your email address. The application form saves your answers as you complete each section. If you want to complete the form over a period of time, you can leave and come back to it by logging on again. You can make changes to what you have written by using the 'edit' function. The form will give you the opportunity to read through and check your answers before you finally submit.

The form is online, and must be submitted online. It is possible to download the application form to help you gather the information you need and to discuss your answers with colleagues, but please note that we do not accept email attachments, or hard copy forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are not currently accepting applications for our main grants programme.

We will only ask for as much information as we need to effectively consider a grant application, to manage an award if you are successful and to monitor its progress. In submitting an application you are agreeing to us processing your data for these purposes and in the ways outlined in our privacy policy. We do not require personal information about the young people with whom you are working.

Any questions?

Our application guidance and Frequently Asked Questions will help with completing your application.