What we do

SCF funding gives opportunities to young people with autism that enhance their education and mental health, improving life chances and choices.

With the right support at the right time young people with autism can do well, make friends, achieve and enjoy school.

"It is not the building which matters, it’s the attitude and atmosphere inside it."

"Teachers can make it good to learn and make you feel self-confidence from understanding subjects."

Young people with autism

However, for many autistic young people, school can be a challenging place. Fewer than half of children and young people with autism say they are happy at school.

"The school shattered my confidence – they had no understanding... they were unable to provide reasonable adjustments."

Young person with autism

Activities funded by SCF help autistic young people have a more positive, effective experience of school.


The theory of change behind SCF grant giving is simple:

  1. Inputs Sheila Coates Foundation funding
  2. Outputs School and college activities / Opportunities for autistic young people
  3. Outcomes Short Term Staff more skilled / Young people with better emotional, social, learning skills
  4. Impact Long-term Outcomes Improved mental health / Successful education / Positive transactions

Find out more about the impact of SCF funding here.

63% of children and young people with autism have been bullied – the risk increases for those in mainstream school.

Children and young people with autism are 3 times more likely to be excluded from school than their peers.

71% of children with autism have mental health problems that persist into adolescence. 32% have had a mental health crisis.

Young people with autism are two times less likely to gain good GCSEs.

School refusal is significantly higher in children and young people with autism.